Residential Interior Design

Relax about your home

Your home should be a place where you can be you. We get that.

One meeting with us and you see the difference between watching a design show on TV and having a professional interior designer at your disposal. We’ll draw out what you like, help you decide how a room should function, and create the comfortable haven of your dreams.

“Bobbie is so intuitive and tactile. She ‘gets’ you right away—then she turns into a fountain of cool ideas.”
— Jennifer, Baltimore


Commercial Interior Design

Relax about your business

Business owners know that time is money.

If you would rather run your business than worry about colors, layout, and furniture options, then we can help you quickly get back to making money.

We design spaces that improve productivity and encourage collaboration. We also understand the need to shut out noise and dive deep into your project. The right space is a business tool for comfortably and effectively getting work done.

“The office is more than a box for working—it’s a space that helps create your brand.”
—Bobbie Dunn


Interior Design for Builders

Relax about your clients

If you’re a builder, you’re time poor.

You can’t get bogged down in details like which range, which backsplash, which flooring tile. We are your bottom-line designers. We can feel out the space and the client, nail down the options, and tell you—the builder—exactly what the client wants. We get it right the first time. And you are freed up to do what you do best.

“Bobbie has the unique capability to pinpoint a client’s taste and to introduce options without making them feel overwhelmed. In the end, my customers are raving. I have worked with Bobbie for years and have always placed my utmost trust and confidence in her.”
— Michael Watts, Bel Air Construction


Staging for Realtors

Relax about the listing

Many people can “stage” a house to sell by decluttering, removing wallpaper, neutralizing the paint, and rearranging the furniture.

We go further, adding artistry to staging and giving your home the edge that sells.

The National Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) conducted a study on properties that were professionally staged from January 2007 to February 2008 and found remarkable results. Vacant unstaged homes remained on the market an average of 120 days. After staging, these homes sold within 26 days.

“Every home Bobbie Dunn has staged with me has sold for top market value. Bobbie can transform a mere house into a home that appeals to today’s buyers. She’s a great member of my team.”
— Evelyn Jay, Long and Foster