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Nearly all personal items were removed from every room. Dark plum walls were neutralized. A decluttered and sparkling clean kitchen is a must. We removed a lot of furniture—the walls were lined with it. Remaining furniture was arranged to make clear how the space could be used. People often need help visualizing how furniture can be arranged in front of a fireplace. The decluttered mantle lets the fireplace be the star of the show. Note how the perimeter of this room has been cleared and personal items removed. The red and yellow dining room was repainted in a buyer-friendly neutral. All clutter around the perimeter of this room is now gone. Once the heavy, outdated drapes were removed, the light poured in. A neutralized color palette instantly modernized this kitchen. New knobs, new counter tops, and new appliances completed the kitchen update. Navy blue walls are now neutral. Heavy curtains were moved to let the light pour in. We added two chairs facing the fireplace so prospective buyers could see how to make the most of a bedroom fireplace.