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Can’t Afford a Designer
That’s often a first response to any design project. But the tighter your budget, the more important it is to get it right the first time. You can’t afford costly cycles of trial and error. Whether you’re dressing up your home for a special event, picking bedroom colors, or redoing an entire room, Bobbie Dunn will respect your budget and deliver your money’s worth.

Too Many Choices
How many times have you postponed a room remodel because the choices overwhelmed you? We simplify the choices. Armed with knowledge about you, your space, and your budget, we explore the possibilities and narrow down your options. And you get to breathe again.
Anxiety About the Outcome
Buying fabric, flooring, and furniture only to discover that the feel is wrong is an expensive mistake. We help you avoid that by getting it right the first time. Our work speaks for itself. See how we have transformed the spaces in our design gallery.